How Do I Wear My Lucky Lady Bra Straps?

1. Use your own multi-way or convertible bra. It must have removable front and back straps. Detach the old straps. Note: You will most likely experience best results if using a multi-way bra, such as ones that can be inexpensively purchased at Target or other department stores. If choosing a strapless bra, make sure that the front bra loops are closer to the center of the cup and not too close to your underarm as this may cause discomfort when wearing the straps.

2. Slide (hook) the Lucky Lady Bra Adapters into the existing back loops of your multi-way or convertible bra. This “ladder” attachment with multiple “rungs” gives you important adjustability.

3. Insert the beaded bra straps into the existing front loops of your convertible bra where the original straps used to be. The silver clasp will close on its own.

4. Insert the other ends of the beaded bra straps into the ladder attachments and choose the “rung” most comfortable to you. The silver clips slide into the “rungs” and close. You must now try on the bra. You may need to adjust the rung higher to loosen or lower to tighten. The straps should not dig into your shoulders, but should sit comfortably as any other bra strap would.

5. Depending on which “rung” you choose, there may or may not be excess strap in the back. The excess ladder is designed to be snipped off with scissors or tucked under your bra strap since you will no longer need it. If snipping off the excess, be sure to leave an extra rung or two until you are sure of your choice.

What can I wear my lucky lady bra straps with? Off the shoulder tops and dresses, spaghetti strap tops and dresses, racer back tank tops, capped sleeves, maxi dresses, and sheer or lingerie tops. Basically, any outfit that shows off your shoulders!!

Cleaning and safety tips: Lucky Lady Bra Straps are easily cleaned with a damp cloth and then left to air dry. If your straps come into contact with sweat, you should dampen a cloth and gently clean.

The straps are NOT intended for use while exercising, doing yard work or other rigorous activities such as swimming.

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